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Did you know that your attorney can act as your estate agent? About Cawood Properties:

Cawood Attorneys is a legal firm of specialized attorneys, and in terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, duly authorized to act as agents in the property sales in their capacity as attorneys. Cawood Attorneys intends to expand its business to include that of property sales as property agents.

Section 1 of the Act no. 112 of 1976: “……does not include an attorney who, on his own account or as partner in a firm of attorneys or as member of a professional company, as defined in section 1 of the Attorneys Act, 1979 (Act No. 53 of 1979), or an articled clerk as defined in the said section of that Act, who performs any act referred to in paragraph (a), in the course of and in the name of and from the premises of such attorney’s or professional company’s practice”.

Cawood Attorneys’ core differentiation lies in its ability to provide inspired, innovative and creative solutions to challenging problems. This is rooted in the firm’s belief that answers to legal problems are often found by exploring new avenues which fall outside the traditional approach.

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How does it work:

Cawood attorneys Inc. are partnering with Amehlo Holdings (Pty) Ltd. to provide a comprehensive team of people to manage your property sales and rentals from start to finish. We have a national network of Property Consultants.

Our Promise:

We are passionate about the law and providing successful outcomes for our clients. Our promise to all our clients is to offer the very best legal advice and to consistently exceed your expectations – Werner Cawood.

Our Vision

Our Vision statement says, “Looking after your property as if it was our own.” We’re a company that continuously strive to supercede the level of service conventional estate agencies offer. We will one day have a presence in each and every town and city in Southern Africa. 

Our Mission

“Matching Buyers with Sellers and Landlords with Tenants”. The success of a rental property is not just managing your tenant properly, it is making sure you put the right tenant in the property in the first place. It is not just selling your property, it is selling your property as if it was our own. There’s a difference. 

Amehlo Property consultants and staff

If you are looking to sell your property or, looking for good quality tenants, contact amehlo property management in association with cawood properties.

When we look for that perfect tenant, or searching for an able buyer, we do this with the mindset of marketing your property as if it was our own. We have strict and proven criteria in place to make sure your next tenant will look after your property and pay their rent on time. We look for buyers that have their mortgages pre-approved, who can afford their new home. 

Chair Managers

Carl Richter has over 11 years experience in the property industry. Matching Buyers with Sellers and Tenants with Landlords.

Property consultant

Based in the beautiful George area, Maryna can assist you in finding a suitable tenant for your property or the perfect buyer in the George and surrounding area.

property consultant

Based in Port Elizabeth, Steven can assist you in finding a suitable tenant for your property or the perfect buyer in the Port Elizabeth area.

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